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Dan and Kevin Shiver are co-founders and the heart-and-soul of SHYVR LUV. They passionately handcraft small-batch skin products that your skin will love.

These passionate, humble inventrepreneurs have careers where they respond to the serious physical and psychological needs of others on a daily (and nightly) basis. A stress-relieving outlet for them is to research, formulate and create skin care lotions and potions. It brings them such joy to see others enjoy their final products. The knowledge that people are using their safe, effective creations with excellent results is what keeps them motivated and driven. It is just another way that they can help and support others.

Dan and Kevin are life-long learners who continually gain knowledge, network with experts and often use the old trial-and-error method at home. Their persistent efforts result in creating handmade skin care that detoxifies and moisturizes. These handmade lotions and potions are not only offered to natural product lovers; the inventrepreneurs use them on themselves every day.

The ShyvrLuv mission is to take personal experiences, encompass their values and have fun while creating vitally essential skin care. Being creative = happiness for ShyvrLuv.



ShyverLuv is passionate about crafting natural skin care products, using ingredients that are mindfully chosen.  We bring together reseach, dogged determination, hard-working fortitude to created precise, small-batch products from those who share our philosophy.


Our perseverance results in lotions and potions made with the finest organic and botanical ingredients.  We use emulsifiers and preservatives, which are clinically tested to be sage for our bodies and the environment. 

A few words about


We only choose butters and oils that are found to be abundant.  All essential oils are chosen from reputable sources.  Our skin care is formulated with unique, natural scents that bring to mind feelings of peace and tranquility.  They are also created to be calming and soothing to your cherished skin. 

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