Happy Labor Day From Shyvr Luv


Kevin and Dan


For our Labor Day gift to you, we are offering 15% off all our products till Friday, September 8th. Choose from any one of our lotions & potions and remember at checkout to enter code: Labor Luv. It’s that simple! Keep in mind we deliver in person to our local Portlandian’s, and for those whom we need to rely on other means, we offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Be on the lookout for international shipping options in the near future to our friends abroad.

We are excited to be open for business and to offer our well thought-out and handmade skin care products. At Shyvr Luv we are starting out with basic arsenal that help protect, moisturize, and leave a fresh, pleasing scent for you to savor. Our mission is to provide a vast line of indispensable essentials, using the best quality ingredients. We look forward to our long-term commitment to you-our valuable customer, and your feedback is important to us.

Take note: As the winter holidays approach, we’ll soon introduce our gift sets to choose from with skin care items for your office desk, for travel, and to always have conveniently with you on the go. You’ll be ready to surprise your loved ones or splurge on yourself with our handy SHYVR LUV neoprene and clear TSA bag options. You won’t want to miss out on our new products.

Thank you again for following us on the SHYVR LUV Website, Instagram & Facebook. Continue looking for us in other venues as well; we promise to keep you in the loop-and feel free to share a photo or video of your positive experience on social media. Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day!