Smooth Operator

Swipe-On Luv 30

Smooth Operator
Kim LaCoste

I don’t know about you, but my heels and the soles of my feet get so dry and rough during the winter. In the summer, I love to go for my pedicures because my feet are out there for the world to see. Not so much in the winter, although I must apologize to the people in my yoga class. Sorry for those cracked heels that you may see during downward dog…ugh.

Now wait just a smooth second…it doesn’t have to be that way when you use No. 30 Swipe On Luv. It’s a lotion in a convenient, no muss, no fuss travel size roll-on. Although I wish I were traveling to far off lands when I use this product, it can be used any time that you need a little moisture and essential oil pick me up…yesssss!!!! Juniper essential oil has great skin toning qualities and the scent is so refreshing and cool.

What’s in there?? Coconut Oil is one of the most beneficial oils with a plethora of health benefits. Those Pom-Wonderous Sterols, which are best natural moisture barrier out there, keep the moisture in while letting the skin breathe.
Juniper Berry essential oil contains strong antioxidants, antibacterials and antifungals with a sweet woodsy fragrance.

This doesn’t have to be used only on your tootsies. You can swipe it on to any area that needs a little moisture luv. The best thing is that it is not drippy or messy and can be applied directly to the area where you need it to go. You can throw it in your backpack or purse and it won’t spill out and make a gooey mess. So convenient, so smooth and so refreshing.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect product for the weather especially since it can really dry up our skin. I’d love to have this in my purse, in case. It does wonders!

  2. Seems like a useful product. Don’t use these type of moisturizers myself but going to share this info with my wife. Nice suggestion!

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