Turmeric with LUV

Turmeric with Luv

Turmeric, With Luv
By Kim LaCoste

Some mornings it takes everything I have to just get up and get out of the house. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little something to put a little pep in your step and some zing into your life? Something to wake you up and make you feel alive. I mean something legal, of course. I found it in the No. 79 Turmeric Luv.

Looking at this rich colored mask, you may think…hmmm? Is this something I add to a recipe or something that I put on my face? Turmeric has so many healing qualities so that is a very valid question. Turmeric is part of the ginger family and is found in India and Southeast Asia. Its’ benefits include fighting inflammation, as an antioxidant, fighting arthritis as well as a soothing face mask Many people drink it as part of a tea, use it in broth, add it to curry powder and sneak it into smoothies. (***SIDENOTE: THIS FACE MASK IS NOT EDIBLE. PUT IT ON YOUR FACE, NOT IN YOUR FACE.***)

This is a great morning mask because it is has a warming, tingling quality when you put it on your face. It can stain so be sure to be aware of that when you are using it. A thin paste is all you need to feel that wonderful tingle. Let it dry for 15 minutes or so and then hop into the shower and scrub it off. Ahhhh!!! You will find that your skin is softer and has a lasting glow. (Before I washed it off, I thought I found the source of our president’s orange glow…lol.)

It is so important to look at the ingredients of all the products you use on your body. If you cannot pronounce most of them, they most likely aren’t good for you. When you read that the ingredients are natural and organic…maybe you even recognize the name of some or most of the ingredients….you can rest assured that the benefits will enhance your self-care, beauty rituals.

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  1. Turmeric really is the best! I used it for a mask once and nearly stained my entire life BUT it was worth it. Lol
    Denise // TheElleAesthetic.com

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