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What inspired me to start our Lotion + Potion Company?

The inspiration to start our company came from the idea of creating skin care products I could use that would cure my chronic dry skin problem. My lifetime career has been in the hospital setting, primarily in surgery, as an operating room nurse. In this particular environment, we work long hours in a condensed and dry air environment. We wash our hands with harsh chemicals repeatedly, several times a day. Harsh products are used to clean blood, mucous, and all sorts of body excretions! Many of the surgically-approved detergents and moisturizers are synthetic and alcohol or bleach based. Couple this with disposable, irradiated attire, and often times our hands become dry, cracked, irritated, and nearly irreversible. It became imperative that I use products with natural moisturizers in order to reverse and repair my damaged skin. Being conscious of our environment, I also wanted to play an active role in my quest to limit bioaccumulation in our waters. It’s partly being an eagle scout and partly growing up in the hippy era that inspired me to making my own products. The DIY market is a great tool to learn how to create-so I read blogs and watched youtube videos on how to make my own products and from these folks I was guided to companies which make organic ingredients. I had so much products from creating, that I shared them with co-workers. People not only loved what I was making, they’d also comment that I should sell this stuff. I began researching on how to begin a handmade business, and everything took off from there!

Why do I feel so dedicated using natural ingredients?

I am able to put on my body a product with ingredients for well-being that doesn’t facilitate damaging the environment. As more people use our products, a greater environmental impact takes effect in a positive direction. Purchasing certified organic ingredients and following department of agriculture guidelines ensures our products are protected from contamination of prohibited substances. We started out making products with a few synthetic preservatives and are changing them out as we discover replacement, eco-approved ingredients.

How do we come up with new ideas for products?

We are influenced by what we currently use, ideas from friends and customers, and I read blogs from our local vendors. Since we purchase and follow suggestions from local vendors such as Mountain Rose, Organic Creations, and Brambleberry, these companies provide insight on what we apply (and ingest). Our goal is to support local businesses and utilize their knowledge to help us come up with new product ideas that have a positive result for our customers.

What is our 5 year plan for the company?

Overall, our plan in the next 5 years is to create and develop a business with a facility which also gives back to our community. We both are philanthropic; we see the need to provide jobs for those who are discriminated against due to mental, physical, and other disabilities. We also like the idea of bringing people together to learn how to create, have fun, and connect in a safe environment. It’s heartfelt to learn of other local outreach programs that give people an opportunity to thrive. We hope to get to a point where we add environmentally conscious products as well as conduct workshops and raise environmental consciousness.

What is my favorite ShyvrLuv product and why?

It’s definitely been the 62 Velveteen Luv. It works on moisturizing my dry skin by giving my hands, feet, (all over, actually) a protective and soft layer, and the scent of lavender and litsea cubeba essential oils is calming and so relaxing. I apply this nightly before going to bed and I wake up with my skin feeling smooth and refresed!



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