Heeeere’s Kevin!! By Kim LaCoste

Kevin Shiver
Kevin Shiver

By Kim LaCoste

This post is the second in a series of two posts about the creators of Shyvr Luv. Dan and Kevin Shiver started this wonderful, natural product company in Lake Oswego, Oregon. They graciously agreed to answer some questions about their beliefs, their life and their company.

*Is ShyvrLuv your 9 to 5 job?

Nope! I work at the Clackamas County Oregon Mental Health Walk in Clinic. We serve all residents of Clackamas County, regardless of income, insurance, or any other obstacles people face. I work with a group of individuals who are exemplary human beings, it is an honor to be there among them.

*How did you go about starting your company?

Well, it partly started with my “work family”. After the first time Dan and I made lip balms for “fun” and I brought some to my peeps and he brought some to his. They all kept saying the same thing “you can totally sell this it’s so much better than stuff you can buy” and things of that nature. Dan and I toyed with the idea then, I don’t think it was actually until we made the first lotion or two that Dan and I believed we actually could do this as a business. Then it moved quick, we contacted a lawyer, became an LLC got a tax id number and bam!! We were a legal company inside of 3 weeks from when we made the firm choice.

*What is your favorite thing about producing natural products?

As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more chemically sensitive to products, I have gone out of my way to find a more natural solution to things. This was something Dan and I had in common when we first met. So it was a no brainer once we decided to make our own and know exactly what is going into products. That didn’t answer the question really did it? Sorry I tend to ramble, ask anyone who knows me lol.

The thing that truly is my favorite part is actually watching Dan get excited about each of our products. He brings joy to every aspect of my life and watching the joy in his face when he is making a product or using it or even just smelling it really is possibly the best feeling ever. He’s the most wonderful person and seeing him happy makes me even happier than him!

*What are some of your favorite sources of ideas and ingredients?

Like I said previously, I am always looking for a more natural product in just about every aspect of purchases (food, health & beauty products etc) So I get inspired by products that call themselves natural (I know more now than ever what ingredients are on labels so I know when things contain synthetics) so if it sounds like a good possible product Dan and I talk about it and either figure out a way to develop the idea or table it, and sometimes let it fade away.

*If someone were to leave you a shining review, what would you want it to say?

HMMM, that’s a tough question. We have had so many shining reviews and they all vary in their content so much. I guess as long as I can read it and know they are being honest about the product. When I read reviews (either ours or on other websites) I can read between the lines in so many areas. Like if the person just loves to complain that comes through. If they are pandering that comes through, I glance over those and move on. When a person is writing an honest review, you can feel there experience with the product (good or bad) and really be able to think about if that product could be right for you.

Lastly, this wasn’t a question that Kim sent but one I’d like to answer. “If you were hiring someone to write a blog and product descriptions, what would you look for?”

I know that Dan and I would both have the same answer!! Kim Lacoste !!! Your wit and style gives us joy and satisfaction. And for me, reminds me of the dry New England humor I grew up with in Westbrook Maine as a child. Thank you Kim for all you do for us! You are a shining star