NET WT 2 oz (59.1 ml)


Experience beautiful looking skin by using our unique blend of skin-loving, non-comedogenic oils (with no essential oil or coconut oil). The oil cleansing method is an oil-balancing process that removes excess dirt and makeup, leaving your skin feeling soft with a heathy looking glow.

Daily use: Use a generous amount of our light, non-comedogenic oil blend, rub together between your palms to warm the oil, and then massage evenly onto your face. Next, take a soft washcloth rinsed in hot water (rung out) and lay the cloth on top of the face. This acts as a steam to open pores and remove the oil as you gently wipe the oil away and rinse the washcloth out. Repeat the process 2-3 times, avoiding any scrubbing or harsh wiping action. We recommend performing the oil cleansing method before bedtime so you’ll wake up to a clean face, but you can try using when you perform your face regimen. Your face will look and feel luxurious. Follow up with the any of our Facial Luv line to tone and moisturize. Specifically designed for your face and also to be used on any problem-skin area.

Ingredients: camellia seed oil, baobab oil, safflower oil, hemp seed oil, evening primrose oil, argan oil, daikon seed oil, castor oil, rosemary seed extract.


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