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BODY CREAM: Unscented

NET WT 2 oz (56.6 ml)

Introducing our new and improved, safe all-over body lotion.  We reworked this product from top to bottom and are so proud of the changes.  First, we changed from a plastic to a glass jar. Next, we added naturally-derived preservative to take the place of the previous synthetic preservative.  There are wonderful skin benefits from hemp seed oil and avocado butter. Bamboo bioferment adds shine and slip/smoothness to the lotion while also adding antibacterial and preservative qualities.  This product is unscented for those sensitive to scents and/or those employed in restrictive, scent-free environments.

• Both Hemp Seed and Avocado Oils are refined and cold pressed, to increase the shelf life and reduce some of the intense scent and color

• Bamboo Bioferment is an ingredient in this lotion that adds shine and slip to the product. This ingredient is also a mild preservative with antimicrobial properties

• Unscented Formula


Ingredients: distilled water, hemp seed oil, avocado butter, ewax, stearic acid, bamboo bioferment, vitamin e oil, gluconolate, sodium benzoate